Residents, staff at Olathe retirement community get COVID-19 vaccinations, celebrate Chiefs

by | Jan 26, 2021 | Cedar Lake Village News

(Click the photo to take you to the KMBC News website to view the video of the news story.)
The residents and staff at Cedar Lake Village received COVID-19 vaccinations Monday and they did it in Chiefs victory style.

“We were eager to get it,” said Dee Thomas, 87.

Thomas said that she was excited to get her vaccination shot on Monday.

“Seemed like it took longer than we thought it would,” she said.

Thomas said that’s the feeling a lot of seniors at this independent living center in Olathe have been feeling. She said there was no pain associated with the shot.

“Unless we have herd immunity this is going to hang over for Lord knows how long,” Thomas said.

After residents received their shots, they celebrated the Chiefs’ big win with a selfie.

“There’s so many Chiefs fans here that we decided to combine the two,” said Deb Beckwith, of Cedar Lake Village.

“The virus for us people at our age can be a bad thing and I wouldn’t mind living a few more years,” said John Thomas, 87.

“There is a lot of excitement in the air to get that vaccine and just get us on down the road, get us through this and allow us to see our families again to hug our families again,” Beckwith said.

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